Magical Racing Q and A
How long can i expect delivery to take from Japan?
3 or 4 days if the product is in stock.If not you wil be sent an estimated shipping forcast by email asap.
Are there any other charges?
Only shipping costs.We use EMS freight,the cheapest,fastest and most reliable service avilable.
Why are shipping costs separate?
To ensure that we can ship to you the fairest way possible.
For example, multiple orders of the same product dont need to be counted twice as shipping costs wont be double etc.
Why do you list the products only in Yen?
This is due to our contract with offical Japanese credit card companies who deal only in Japanese Yen.
Please use the currency converter to find your countries currency.
Can I return or exchange products?
Yes,if the part in question has not been installed,and in the case of a problem with your Magical Racing product,please email us with photo images and info about your concern.
I want to purchase Magical Racing bodywork.
Why isnt that on the English site?
Shipping is the main factor,its just too expensive for customers in most cases.
Can i purchase products not on the English website?
We only use our shopping cart system for international sales,so only items using that system can be purchased.
Do you have any international dealers?
We only sell direct from Japan.This ensures the best value for our customers.
I would like to distribute Magical Racing products.
We dont have a plan at present for this,but we do a offer large order discount program.
Please contact us if interested in a large order discount.